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what code that allow the person to search the main points concerning the way of example, I need to go looking the title of singer particularly Regine Velasquez....then it'll display her albums and when it was publish..the output comes out in listbox...thx for ur help in advance...

Returns an Integer representing the ASCII character code equivalent to the primary letter inside a string.

The ones created because of the Tuning Advisor frequently have hints that scale the costing calculations – these are typically the sort that are likely to “bitter” after a while since the stats improve. I did a publish some time back about that in this article:

If on 11g you'll be able to look at SQL Keep an eye on information to view precisely what took place for someone execution of an extended jogging statement (This can be the easiest way if you are on 11g and can have a look prior to the info is SQL Monitor dataa is flushed). 2. I don’t know of a way To achieve this for sure. There may be some set of hints that might do it and if so a SQL Profile or Baseline ought to have the capacity to do the job.

So it sounds like I want to own them switch off bind variable peeking for this query only. Else rewrite as ‘literal’ – but undecided how achievable this may be.

Warnings signifies the amount of Get More Information tries to insert column values that were problematic in some way. Warnings can take place beneath any of the following ailments:

The values within the desk will be the Home windows default. On the other hand, values within the ANSI character set higher than 127 are based on the code website page unique to your working system.

Hello Can Anyone help me to locate the amount in Alphanumric string in VBA eg. if i hav 12abc then the output are going to be 12

I need to extract info through VB code. Now we have a mail plus the mail physique material is saved in a stord inside of a string. You can find tag identified as "description".

ORA-03001: unimplemented element Attempt it with no bulk acquire line and see what occurs. What version are you on by the way?

1. i really have to enter a sentence to some textual content discipline and Once i press a button then my specified sentence will break up into phrases and substitute these text from mysql database instance: i have entered "i am high-quality and ok"

“I have to confess that I have improved my head about Outlines seriously obtaining the chance to wholly lock a program by the way. I feel that endeavoring to limit the optimizer to buying one strategy with hints is usually a challenging job at very best.

So i have this SQL_ID that has been jogging fine and recently client commenced complaining with regards to the slowness. so i went in to examine the alter of reveal system and seems the demonstrate system hasn’t transformed, but the corresponding avg_etime has spiked terribly (avg_lio also).

Certainly – the create_sql_profile.sql script from the post takes advantage of the hints stored within the other_xml discipline of v£sql_plan to create a SQL Profile that sometimes forces an announcement to make use of the strategy from which the hints were extracted.

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